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Self-Hypnosis Technique To Relieve Stress With Relaxation Music [Video Guide]

The so-called self-hypnosis is to hypnotize oneself through some hypnosis techniques. In fact, human has long been using self-hypnosis, such as prayer, religious ceremonies, Indian yoga, Chinese qigong, which are different ways to implement self-hypnosis.

When hypnotizing yourself, you must have some understanding of hypnosis knowledge. Further more, a quiet environment with a relaxed position is required to be more conducive to entering hypnotic state.

Then deep breathe to relax your mind, and let it keep a very relaxed state of being. Also exclude the negative emotions of anxiety and tension, so as to be better into a hypnotic state.

Then, close your eyes and feel the body condition. Then, start to do a few deep breathing. Usually after three, you will feel the whole person is easier and more comfortable. Again, the key point, told yourself, “Now I will slowly count from one to twenty, once every time I enter a deeper state of consciousness, and the whole body will be more relaxed, quieter, then enter the greater hypnotic state until twenty. The body and mind are very comfortable.” After you finish this, in intervals of three to five seconds, slowly in the heart count from one to twenty, which is enjoyable. When you count to twenty, savor the serene, quiet and comfortable hypnotic state, until you feel enough.

When you have done the above mentioned process, begin to close your eyes and imagine your right foot being more and more heavy, as heavy as lead and at the same time, you will feel more relaxed. Do this three times, turn to do the left foot, right hand, left hand, head, chest, and so on. After finishing it through the whole body, you will find it warm, very comfortable and relaxed.

Now you can also close your eyes, imagine some of the scenes you like, as you are now lying on the beach, warm sunshine on your body, the breeze, the pressure of your body will be blown away. Also imagine yourself floating in the sea, your body being soaked in warm water, floating with the waves the sea constantly washes over your body, your stress and repressed emotions are all washed away. You can set up the scene, as you like.

When you get into a good hypnotic state, you can repeatedly auto-suggest a hypnosis verse, “Every day, in all respects, and I are getting better and better!” Suggest that you at least repeat this twenty-one times. After that you can open your eyes and feel refreshed.

You can do self-hypnosis many times a day that only takes 5 minutes, so you will always be able to operate it at any time. Especially before going to bed, it is the best time of self-hypnosis. Follow this procedure, repeat it 21 times daily, “in all respects, and I am getting better and better!” Tell yourself:” Tonight I will sleep very well, and will wake up at X o’clock automatically then the entire body is full of energy!” It is for sure that you will be energetic and refreshed tomorrow morning!

Watch this video for guide:

Hypnosis FAQ – Part 2

8. Whether all of them will be hypnotized?

Yes. People that cannot be hypnotized would not be able to obtain necessary elements needed for growth from the outside world. Hypnosis is the process to enter the subconscious mind. Normal people have this ability. The easier they can be hypnotized, the more able they are to enter the field of subconscious wisdom and potential. However, the extent, depth and speed for hypnosis may vary from person to person. Some people are very easy to be hypnotized, but not deep. Some people need a long time but are able to enter a very deep level. Some people are neither fast nor deep. They have difficulty in self-growth, cannot adapt to the society. And some people with fast speed and deep extent are easy to accept outside things and transform it into their own understanding and generally become successful people of society. So, being easy to be hypnotized is often an advantage, of course, subjective conscious mind is perfect to be better.

Generally speaking, children under six years old, severe intellectual disabilities and paranoid sufferers, are not easy to be hypnotized.

9. Can hypnosis help me to forget frustrating memories?

The answer is yes. But an experienced hypnotist won’t do that. Through the hypnotic language making you not remember something can be done completely in the operation means. But what you do not want to remember is often painful experience of frustration, when it is repressed or forgotten in the bottom of the sub-conscious mind, it will always be there to toss you; your conscious mind is not directly associated with it and realized that it was too dangerous to your physical and mental health. Therefore, the correct method of hypnosis is through the help of the hypnotist, back to that period of painful experience of frustration, rediscover the vent pain, emotional setbacks and the readmission and interpretation of it, from which useful revelation of their own development, even after again face it, to remain calm, and thanks to the growth that brings you inspiration.

10. Will I forget anything during the hypnosis when I wake up?

Possible, depending on your hypnosis sensitivity. If you have good hypnosis sensitivity, entering the state of sleepwalking (deep hypnosis), then at the end of hypnosis you may not remember what was done during it. More, the hypnotist will give you a hint: “after the end of the hypnosis, you do not need to remember it.” This is used more in hypnosis show performances, because in a deep hypnotic performance, the performer’s behavior is generally exaggerated and entertaining.

11. Can hypnosis help improve memory and learning effects?

Hypnosis to help enhance the learning ability and memory is very strong and effective means through hypnosis guide to help you relax, focus, and then guide your brainwaves into ╬▒brainwave state, but at the moment the right brain are activated simultaneously, the sound perception, memory, imagination, graphics capabilities, color capabilities, intuition and inspiration in the right brain function is activated. It goes without saying that your learning and memory skills can be improved hundreds of times. There was such an experiment, a student in the hypnotic state reads “Shakespeare” Complete Works, and he actually recites the entire work without even a mistake, which is really astonishing.

12. I accept the hypnosis, but I did not feel hypnotized, am I still awaken?

Many people seek hypnosis magic feeling of their own. To tell you the truth, when hypnosis occurs, there is no so-called special status or special feeling. During hypnosis, human consciousness is even more sober than subjective consciousness of six to eight times.

13. Why hypnosis can treat all kinds of physical and mental illnesses, such as: depression, obsessive-compulsive, anxiety, fear and insomnia?

Because physical and mental illness results from the imbalance between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind. With hypnosis, entering the human subconscious directly looking for the reasons that cannot be detected by conscious mind and then to treat it. It is the fastest, strongest and the most direct psychological treatment. In this sense, only hypnotherapy can be called a true psychological treatment.

14. The hypnotic sensitivity hypnosis is very important. What on earth is hypnosis sensitivity?

Speaking from the outside, it is the ability of acceptance; from the intrinsic speaking, it is the ability, extent and speed to enter their sub-conscious mind, speed and extent.

Of course, it will determine the extent and speed of a person’s evolution. Evolution refers to the possibility of enlightening self-wisdom to inspire self-potential. A person with good hypnotic sensitivity has more possible potential for evolution.

Hypnosis FAQ - Part 1

1. How long does it take for hypnosis?

Time to be taken may vary. Typically it is about 3 to 10 minutes, while deep hypnosis takes 10-30 minutes. Mutual hypnosis takes place in a second if people fall in love at the first sight when their eyes contact. Performers of hypnosis on TV shows hide the way they do to avoid audiences to follow them, which may lead to uncontrollable circumstance. Hypnotist Martin of the United States did demo hypnosis on BBC, then suddenly hypnotized hundreds of thousands of people listening to the radio, and some of them are driving! It is very dangerous.

2. I am strong-willed. Can you still hypnotize me?

Many people believe that strong subjective will will be able to fight against hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis is the theory of science that has nothing to do with your will. Not that you cannot be hypnotized, but you do not want to be hypnotized. You can also say that no medicine can cure you of any problems, as long as you are inconsistent with medication. It is the same reason. The drugs work on the disease, which has nothing to do with your will. Strong-willed person may be faster to get hypnotized if he or she wishes.

3. Do I need hypnosis if I sleep well?

Many people think that the purpose of hypnosis is to get people good sleep. Of course, hypnosis can be used to help people sleep better. But has more practical value. Simply speaking, hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to help a person to enter the subconscious mind of treasure. It can be used to treat physical and mental problems, enlighten wisdom and develop potential. Indeed, it is easy to use hypnosis to help a person sleep better. We had this product: ultra-high-quality sleep hypnosis CD, not only can help you sleep better, while letting you enter the subconscious command your mind and body have been actively upgrading.

4. What is the difference between hypnosis and sleep?

Sleep is an unconscious process. Even if there are dreams it is still passive. In the state of hypnosis, body is relaxed and quiet, which is similar to sleep, but the consciousness is fully awake. It maintains a high level of instruction corresponding relationship between hypnotists and opponents, paying no attention to outside world.

5. Will I be controlled and doing whatever the hypnotist tells me?

In the status of hypnosis, the awareness level of consciousness is 6-8 times stronger than usual. The enlargement allows the opponent the ability to recall forgotten or pent experience with pain, which makes hypnotherapy be carried out smoothly. People worry about that the hypnotist will handle them to do some things they do not want to do, such as murder, rob a bank. In fact, this kind of thing will not happen because people’s subconscious mind is more faithful to their own interests, is wiser than the conscious mind, and the conscious mind is often disguised or cheated by interests, violating their inner values ​​and make them regret in the future.

6. Can I control anyone?

First of all, people with this idea should examine their own motives. Hypnosis happens based on confidence, relax, focus, cooperation and voluntary between the two. The above idea does not meet the basic requirements of hypnosis, and naturally cannot succeed. But it does not exclude that some people with awareness of wide area are born to control those with awareness of narrow area, which cannot be obtained through short-term learning.

7. Can hypnosis make her fall in love with me?

This is the problem of young men and women are most concerned about. They do not want to make any effort and progress in their cultivation and strength to attract the opposite sex, but would like to take shortcuts to control the occurrence of love. It is ridiculous and mad. If you can hypnotize yourself to love someone, every day, to give without taking, regardless the pros and cons, I believe you do not need to hypnotize others, as there will be many beautiful good girl to love you. Are you willing to hypnotize yourself first?

In fact, the romance itself is a process of mutual hypnosis. He complies with the hypnosis rules of trust, relax, attention. If you trust each other, allow the other to relax, and your inner quality is very attractive to her, making her pay attention to you. Then hypnotizing her to love you is straightforward and easy.

Understanding of this question should be: how hypnosis can make a person does not love me fall in love with me? The answer is no. Maybe your hypnosis is superb, allowing her to temporarily fall in love with you. But this is a kind of raping her personal wishes so it generates her subconscious mind a lot of confusion and problems. When she becomes a patient, it is harmful. So it is not that hypnosis can make people fall in love with you or not, but that a moral hypnotist won’t do it.

So, to those who want to learn hypnosis to control others, to reach their own selfish desires, I will refuse to teach them.

How to tell that the person learning hypnosis is an honest man? How to ensure that people who obtained the knowledge of hypnosis are nice? The subconscious mind does not lie, as long as you learn hypnosis, I can see you through.

FAQ will be cont....